Great Blue Heron (50%)


Close Doesn't Count - American Kestrel and Carolina Wren

Basswood carving on driftwood.  $1500

Barred Owl.  (sold)

50% scale. $750.00

Alder Swamp Hideaway - Ruffed Grouse.

50% scale.  Basswood carvings on a butternut base. $1800

Barn Owl,

Life size.  $1200

Atlantic Puffin

Basswood carving on a driftwood base . $450  

On the Hunt - Green Heron

Smallest of the heron family.  $1200

Northern Cardinals

Males, Females and pairs, life size. $250-500

Let the Morning Chorus Begin - American Crow

Miniature crow (40% scale) in full chorus. $325   .

Target Locked In - Bald Eagle 

Miniature Bald Eagle approaching lift-off .  20"x12"x12". $375

Curious Saw Whet Owl Chick


Male Snowy Owl (80% scale) on a driftwood mount (sold)


Very Alert Bald Eagle (80% scale)

This one has been sold, but I do take commissions for these pieces. $1600

Northern Flicker (or Yellow Shafted Flicker)


Saw Whet Owls


Saw Whet Owl and Chick


Dad and the Kids - Pileated Woodpecker - SOLD


American Loon

Carved with Butternut with a natural finish. 40% scale. $275

American Loon 

50% scale.  $425

Black Capped Chickadees

Single Chickadees are $200


If you have a favorite songbird that you would like, just let me know.  The small songbirds generally sell for $200-250.

American Crow (life size)


Stand Off 

Bluejay and Chipmunk.  $375

Bottlenose Dolphin

Carved in butternut.  $200

A Multilinguistic Community

This collection of our common songbirds (Downy Woodpecker, Red Breasted Nuthatch, American Goldfinch and Black Capped Chickadee)  has been sold, but I would be pleased to create another for  you.  $600

Northern Parula Warbler 


NB Duo - Black Capped Chickadee and purple violet, the official bird and flower of New Brunswick (sold)


Red Breasted Nuthatch


Eastern Bluebird (sold)


White Ibis

Full size. $1000

American Redstart -S OLD


Canada Warbler (sold)


Golden Crown Kinglet (sold)


Surprise Feast -Cedar Wax Wing - SOLD


Red Wing Blackbird


Tree Swallow


White Breasted Nuthatch (sold)


Canada Jay (AKA Grey Jay, Whiskey Jack, Gorbie)

Canada's new national bird - $475

Ring billed gull (75% scale)